Air Source Heat Pump 

Renewable energy – air source heat pumps in the South West 

An air source heat pump (ASHP) is a sustainable alternative to a traditional gas boiler and it has a low carbon footprint. 
ASHPs are worth considering if you are reviewing your heating choices. If you are planning energy saving measures like improved insulation and replacement doors and windows for your property, find out more about the benefits of ASHPs. 
Air Xtreme is proud to work in partnership with Samsung and Joule to offer you a complete solution for your air source heat pump installation. 

Benefits of an air source heat pump 

ASHPs work very well with underfloor heating and low temperature radiators. They are a good choice for new-builds and can also be fitted in existing properties. 
An air source heat pump doesn’t produce carbon and, while it needs electricity to operate, it can be effectively combined with photovoltaic or PV cells. This means you can use solar energy as a more environmentally friendly electricity source. 
Once installed, air source heat pumps have lower running costs than oil or liquid petroleum gas, for example. There are also grants available to offset the costs of installation, such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
Benefits of an air source heat pump
Air source heat pump

Planning for an air source heat pump system 

To gain the full benefit of an ASHP your property will need to be well-insulated and airtight and your radiator or underfloor heating requirements will need to be carefully assessed. The efficiency of your system will depend on the air outside and your target indoor temperature for heating or hot water. 
An ASHP can run a water-based central heating system with radiators or underfloor heating and can also heat air directly as an air conditioning system. It will work at a lower temperature than a standard boiler so you will probably need to replace existing radiators with ones that have a higher output, such as multi-finned aluminium radiators, or fan convectors. For efficiency, you will want room temperature controls and compatible hot water storage. 
Whatever your requirements our goal will always be to provide the best possible levels of air quality and comfort. 
You can rely on the Air-xtreme team to get the details right and to meet the latest industry standards and regulations. 
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