Residential HVAC design for your home 

The art of residential HVAC design is to understand how you live in your home.  
It can take account of the rooms you use most frequently or for most of the day, special health requirements, and even which rooms are the sunniest. 
When we understand your lifestyle and your requirements, we will create an HVAC design for your home that will be cost-effective and energy efficient while maintaining comfortable temperatures and good air quality all year round. 

The best solution for you 

We will select products to meet your needs from a range of high-quality manufacturers. We have wide experience with the leading brands and will recommend a solution to suit your home. 
We understand that you will want an efficient system that helps you to reduce your costs and to be kinder to the environment. Our recommendations will focus on the best way to meet your requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Benefit from our experience 

Our experienced design engineers will complete a consultation and site survey with you. They will create a full and transparent quotation package and, if appropriate, will recommend a range of options for you. 
They will be happy to answer your questions so that you can confidently choose a solution that meets your needs and your budget. 

Attention to detail 

Our recommendations will depend on the size and style of your property and we’ll even consider the type of windows and doors you have. We’ll check which way your property faces so that we can allow for the rooms which benefit from the sun in the morning or afternoons, for example. 
If you have rooms that are frequently used while others are for guests or for specific purposes like a home gym, we can recommend controllers which will allow you to manage different zones in your home. 
Whatever your requirements our goal will always be to provide the best possible levels of air quality and comfort. 
You can rely on the Air Xtreme team to get the details right and to meet the latest industry standards and regulations. 
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