Residential HVAC Servicing and Maintenance 

Residential HVAC servicing and maintenance 

You will be able to rely on comfortable temperatures and improved air quality when you have regular residential HVAC servicing and maintenance. 
Arrangements can be flexible to meet your needs ranging from an annual service and maintenance visit to quarterly servicing. You can choose to include parts, materials, and emergency callouts if you wish. 
We provide the first year’s servicing without charge when we install a new residential HVAC system. If you prefer, we’ll show you how to do the regular servicing yourself – it won’t affect your warranty. 
If you have an existing system, we can provide all your servicing and maintenance needs. 

Your servicing and maintenance choices 

Regular servicing and maintenance will help to maintain the performance of your HVAC system and prolong its life by making sure worn parts are replaced when needed. Our standard annual packages include the following: 
Full system checks under normal conditions including pressures and drainage. 
Inspection and testing of automatic temperature controls and adjustments if needed. 
Inspection, cleaning, and lubricating mechanical parts. 
Inspection and cleaning or replacements for filters. 
Cleaning the condensers. 
Deep clean of indoor units. 
Deep clean of the outdoor unit. 
Priority call-out responses. 
Anti-corrosive protection coating on outdoor units. 
Parts and labour for repairs. 


We can create a bespoke servicing and maintenance package for you with your preferred frequency of visits and any items and materials you would like to be included. 
Whatever your requirements our goal will always be to provide the best possible levels of air quality and comfort. 
You can rely on the Air-xtreme team to get the details right and to meet the latest industry standards and regulations. 
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